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About Nicole and the potential possibilities available for YOU to tune into with the right practices, and support needed ..... Listen to what could be possible for you too!!

Dr Lissa Rankin and Gabrielle Bernstein

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unlimited possibilities and miracles the body already knows.

I can assist you in creating and building your "Healing Round Table" made of all that best supports YOU - Your body knows how to heal, and return back to your purest essence of peace and joy. It just needs you to cultivate more fertile ground. Creating a safe space, to connect, to create, find courage, calm, compassion are excellent touch points along the path.

Whole Health Wellness Program

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Mind Over Medicine was a game changer for me. When I made the connections, I immediately began to heal on the subtle levels. As I worked with the medical doctors, reiki masters, qi gong, and psychotherapists --- along with Doing my own work with IFS and incorporating the 6 steps explaned in Mind Over Medicine. I was being gently being broken open and slowly letting go of all the old stories, and my body and spirit began to shift. Then my relationships began to shift. My mind and body began to come back online, and I began to learn more about myself and feel a deeper connection with myself. Some events, situations, circumstances, illness and dis~ease in the body can become stuck, stagnant, and chronic, but that doesn't mean you are stuck with it forever --- it means you have to live with it for now - try to view it in a positive way, through the lense that it might be carrying a message for you. Get to know it, befriend it, see what it might need from you. This may sound familiar if you have ever worked with an Internal Family Systems therapist, practitioner or coach.

See Resources Page to learn more about chronic pain, arthritis, eating disorder, and addictions.