USA- AZ, CA, CO, and TX

Internationally in BALI and Costa Rica,

Imagine yourself in a beautiful setting.......

surrounded by positive like minded intentional people, learning strategies to help improve your life, how to bring in more peace and joy into your everyday life.

​Nature, Yoga, and Healthy Food Provided.

Learn practices that will change your health and change your perspective and prioritize you.

Our "Retreat Team" is made up of a beautiful and talented group of Medical Doctors, Coaches, Therapists and Energy Healers.

If you have a group of 10-12 individuals, we will consider coming to you, for "your own" Private Retreat.

Customized 1-1, VIP Mentoring Packages Available Upon Request.

Physician Rx Retreat

Mom Renewal Retreat

Mind Over Medicine Healing Retreat

​Creative Visionary Business Retreat

Personal 1-1 Sessions


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Internal Family Systems

I am a Level 2 trained Practitioner of the IFS Psychotherapy Model and a Certified IFS Coach

Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D, created the IFS Model and it is proven for decades to bring confidence, clarity and creativity into your relationships. It is also known to help people relate to themselves differently - to love all parts of themselves. Healing collective trauma, and has a beautiful and safe way to use neuroscience backed practices to return the traumatized part feel connected and safe again.

I have been lucky to have received in person training with Dick and his many amazing trainers. It is always an adventure with IFS.

For more information on IFS Model and The Center for Self Leadership - visit the website at

Personal 1-1 Sessions


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Personal or Professional Coaching Session

I provide services @ Business, Life and Relationships for individuals, couples, and in groups. This work includes anything from seeing peace and calm during what feel like chaos. Or you are in deep transition, personally or professionally. We work from visioning, planning, creating, building and initiating. It is my pleasure to hold space and witness the change and becoming that occurs in sessions and the results of birthing new projects it always a joyful occasion!! If you are ready for change ---- that is all you need to know ---- you don't have to have it all figured out, nor do you have to do it alone, and you already have all you need --- just let me know when you are ready!


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ONLINE PROGRAM - 8 week Online Program

  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Attention Balancing each Stone of the Whole Health Cairn
  • Recorded sessions if you can't make it in person
  • Guided Structure and Self Leadership Practices
  • Community Support
  • Small Groups

We will journey through a process that includes the 6 steps to discovering what your body might need to heal and become whole again. The 6 steps are backed by scientific proof all resourced in Dr. Rankin's - NY Times, Best Selling Book, Mind Over Medicine. I personally trained with Lissa Rankin, M.D. for a few years, and now facilitate one day, weekend or week long - Mind Over Medicine Workshops and Retreats 1-1 VIP or Monthly Coaching Packages. Groups are limited to 10 people. Healing Circles are key, but intimacy and sacred space is equally important. (Average groups are size is 8-10 people)



Minimum 20 hours a month

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Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life!

***NEW Group Opening for Enrollment NOW!!***

Connect with other Moms from many over 9 countries

Join an ​International ONLINE GROUP that Meets Live Once or Twice per month or In some other ways we creatively connect.

Online for the busy moms that cannot connect in person or the global mom who seek a deeper, wider connection. I facilitate this program along with many other facilitators all over the globe. My meetings offer group time to come together and support one another, then the deeper work is done at home individually. You will always be supported along the way and don't have to do this alone. We were created for connection. The Circle of Moms provide continual private facebook support and connection with other women with the same desire to nature their family and not loose themselves. Let's cut through the surface and dive deeper for a wider perspective. Take of the mask and practice true authenticity.






Many Options available to meet your needs.

One on One Business Coaching

Group MasterMind Sessions

Vision Work- Brainstorming Sessions

Ignite and Launch your NEW Business

Accountability to Write your Book

Rebrand and Reorganize and Reuel

Ready to SOAR and Take it to the Next Level

Be in Community with others who are FIRED UP!

Learn Practices that Keep your Fire Growing

Learn practice to keep the Fires under Control