I Inspire and Empower Women

to Live a Life they LOVE!​

BY ...


into the highest potential

of Their truest Nature

Lighting The Fire

in their heart and home



in your heart and home

Improving whole Health Wellness

In Self & In Relationship!

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner

Life Balance and Relationship Coaching

Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Event & Workshop Facilitator

Astrologer, Holistic Wellness & Yoga Instructor

Artist, Speaker, Writer

To hear more about Internal Family Systems Therapy

Watch this excellent video by Richard Schwartz

Creator and Founder of IFS Institute

Are you ready to reach for the stars, to be the best version of your Self, and discover an infinite river of potential possibilities?

I Believe in an "Inside ~ Out" Approach to Becoming Your Truest Self.

Using a variety of tools to help you......

Find Calm In Life's Storms

Learn To Dance In The Rain

Connect to a Place of Peace & Joy

Light The Fire In Your Heart (And Home)

Deepen Intimacy In Your Relationships.

Find Balance And Practice in Your Daily Life.

Connect With The Creativity In You

Building a Business, or writing a book.....

Want to jumpstart your business, rebrand, transition online, write a book, reach your ideal weight, make a big move, start a blog, use your voice, achieve a big dream? Often these big projects and goals call for extra support, guidance, or accountability while planning and creating. From visioning, planning, moving through the obstacle, improving mindset, focus and gaining clarity, manifesting, sharing and shining your gifts in the world.


I have many tools and ways of helping you make creative connections that make a difference in how you are able to reprogram some of the blocks and conditioning that will last a lifetimes and create significant change by knowing who you are and how you are wired, can create significant change in relationships, self care, and parenting. Learn to "go inside "and better understand your personality and tendencies, and start to thrive from the inside out.


I provide a contained, safe space and support while taking a deep dive into the root of feeling stuck, limited, feel dis-ease in your body, self or maybe it is anxiety or fear expressing itself. There are several autoimmune issues, chronic pain and other imbalances that needs our attention. It is hard to change old patterns, eating habits, or addictive behaviors and we need extra support. This support will help you build a healing round table and provide resources and connections to support healing and heal in community. We do not have to do it all alone. We are created to be in connection.

What Others Have to Say

About Working With Nicole

"I love working with Nicole. I value how she combines her expertise in modalities such as IFS (Internal Family Systems) and the science of Energy and Astrology with her intuitive capabilities and is so willing to share herself in our interactions. Nicole’s warm, engaging, humble approach facilitates my own insights into becoming my best Self. I especially appreciate her compassionate support and how she gives me needed permission to Just Be Me." Betsy

"Nicole offers a unique blend of perspectives not only from her life experiences but also her intuitive ability to connect with your unique experiences. Together this combination leaves you feeling truly understood and more connected to your higher self as you navigate your souls journey. She has a way of compassionately meeting you where you are while offering a grounded safe space for you to uncover your truths with confidence. I would highly recommend her for any personal or relationship struggles you face!" Chanda

"Nicole has a way of asking questions and presenting new information that head lead me to new insights and new ways of looking at things. She has a storehouse of knowledge that has helped me understand myself better and has helped me get to the root of my issues that were holding me back and keeping me from accomplishing my goals." Rebekah

meet nicole

When I am not working with clients....

I love to ..... draw, paint, decorate, design, hike, kayak and ski (water and snow), garden, travel, learn, practice yoga, read and spend time with my family. I am a mom to 4 beautiful and creative children, and wife to my best friend for 25 years.


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BE~OLOGY 101 with Ruchi Puri, MD

Ruchi Puri, MD is launching her first online program - Be-ology 101 - The Fundamentals to Holistic Health.  Ruchi Puri is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Trained in Ayurvedic and Chinese Acupuncture Medicine.  She has studied and worked in 35 countries around the world for the last 25 years.  I love connecting with Ruchi around the vision we share to serve women by sharing holistic perspectives,  what it means to be living in alignment, and what it means to BE in relationship to what is, how to slow down and connect with something deeper, more subtle, and hope in the healing of our healthcare system in America.


Ayurveda Medicine with Dr. Carrie Barlow

Dr. Carrie Barlow brings a wide array of wisdom, modalities and practices when teaching and leading people to whole health healing.  She shares a bit of her expertise in the using Ayurveda to help restore and balance what might be out of alignment, which causes illness and dis-ease in our bodies.   Dr. Carrie consults and teaches in person retreats, in Arizona, for The Chopra Center.   She has a huge passion for helping clients who have been faced with a cancer diagnosis, and believes in healing in small groups or in community, and focusing on our whole health and wellness.


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